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Software Quality

Process Implementation

We provide custom selection and tailoring for software test methodology based on SEI, CMI and RTCA/DO-178B. Plan the development activities, methods, standards, tools, and languages for accurate and proper execution. Prepare, sorts and classifies necessary instruments for the easement of execution of each testing phase. Perform support processes of documentation, verification, validation, joint reviews, audits, and problem resolution as specified in the contract.

Software Testing

Develop and document each unit, database and test. Conduct and document unit testing. Update user documentation and integration test requirements. Evaluate code and test results for traceability, consistency, test coverage, appropriateness, and feasibility. Investigates and enters valuable results for purposes of recording essential quality control information. Perform important functions in needed in developing and adjusting unit product quality and composition..

Software Qualification

Conduct and document qualification testing. Demonstrate compliance and levels of quality design, performance and function. Set parameters to meet system requirements. Update user documentation. Evaluate tests for test coverage, conformance, and feasibility. Support audits. Create quality control mechanisms to minimize test failures and erroneous qualification results in every stage of testing. Prepare the product for the next four phases, as applicable.

System Qualification

As required, support conduct and documentation of qualification tests. Demonstrate crucial testing to manifest clear compliance to system requirements and qualifications. Evaluate the system for test coverage, conformance Software installation.

As required, support planning and installation of the software product in the target environment. Include further testing of system and software to ensure high quality product and performance.

Software Integration

Document integration plans. Conduct and document integration tests. Update user documentation. Create and formulate system integration proposals to generate room for more integration tests and improvements. Document qualification tests. Evaluate essential plans and tests for traceability, consistency, test coverage, appropriateness, conformance, and feasibility. Link and combine compatible systems and processes based on functionality and applicability. Conduct joint review(s).

System Integration

As required, support integration of software with hardware. Document integration tests, errors and room for improvement. Evaluate the integrated system for test coverage, appropriateness, conformance, and feasibility. Combines and brings together systems, software, and processes borne out of qualified tests to establish a system that utilizes a variety of techniques and functions. Prioritize the integration of crucial systems.

Acceptance Support

As required, support the acquirer’s acceptance tests and requirements. Deliver the product and provide training per the contract. Provide software support and maintenance to establish operational readiness. Check back-up, control and restore facilities. Create periodic maintenance and security checks for optimal use. Include disaster recovery procedures for quality management. Test functionality, operations and support in actual working environment.

Provide Review, Approval and Development of the following Software Life Cycle Data Items

Software Test Plan

As provided in the agreement, conducts a detailed, accurate and systematic approach to testing. Follows a comprehensive work through based on the plans and workflow prepared and indicated in the tests.

Software Verification Plan

Perform necessary validation process and checks systems and methods. Ensure that all specifications and standards intended for specific purposes and software are in line with those prescribed, inputted or indicated.

Software Test Description

Describes full, exhaustive and comprehensive test preparations and processes including the establishment of formal test cases to be processed and performed as required, under this contract.

Software Verification Cases & Procedures

Conducts miniscule verification methods to ensure that all processes to be conducted are in line with the primary objective. Provides the steps and procedures deemed essential in advancing towards the testing process.

Software Test Report

Communicates the status of tests initiated or commenced. Transfers and indicates accurate, comprehensive and detailed summaries of test results in every phase of the testing cycle.