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Software Engineering

Process Implementation

We select and tailor software life cycle model based on SEI, CMMI and RTCA/DO-178B. We plan the development activities, methods, standards, tools, and languages, as well as perform support processes of documentation, configuration management, quality assurance, verification, validation, joint reviews, audits, and problem resolution as specified in the contract. We place extra priority on the efficient implementation of the manufacturing and system checking steps of the process to streamline the production of the code and program.

System Requirements Analysis

Through this, we specify and document system requirements. We evaluate requirements for traceability, consistency, testability, and feasibility. With this, we can make sure that clients are able to satisfy all system requirements and that they are all of the optimal quality for every product.

System Architectural Design

Establish and document top-level architecture. Evaluate the architecture for traceability, consistency, appropriateness, and feasibility. With all these, clients will have the ability to ensure that the code and the top-level design for each of our products are flawless and follow certain standards.

Software Requirements Analysis

Identify and document software requirements. Evaluate requirements for traceability, consistency, testability, and feasibility. Conduct joint review(s) and baseline the requirements. Make sure that all of the necessary requirements for software is expressed correctly and without presenting any issues in the program.

Software Architectural Design

Transform requirements into architecture. Document top-level design for interfaces and database. Draft preliminary user documentation and test requirements. Evaluate architecture for traceability, consistency, appropriateness, and feasibility. Conduct joint review(s). Find all weaknesses in the architectural design of software and remedy them beforehand to make sure that everything works smoothly.

Software Design

Document the design for each component, interfaces, and database. Update user documentation. Document unit test requirements. Update integration test requirements. Evaluate detailed design for traceability, consistency, appropriateness, and feasibility. Conduct joint review(s). Strengthen the software design in your code and weed out all of the possible errors and issues that may present themselves in the program’s execution.

Software Coding

Develop and document each Computer Software Configuration Item (CSCI). Evaluate code for traceability, consistency, test coverage, appropriateness, and feasibility. Find ways to make your code more error proof, and get rid of existing problems within the code.

we Provide Review, Approval and Development of the following Software Life Cycle Data Items

Software Development Plan

Formulate a detailed methodology that includes every step of the development process to ensure minimal errors and the best possible output.

Plan Software Aspects of Certification

We ensure that certification occurs smoothly, even when it reaches the software portions and make a plan that’s easy to follow and reliable

Software Requirements Specification

Enumerate all of the requirements that the software necessitates, and efficiently introduce them into the source code and consequently, the product.

Interface Requirements Specification

Produce an interface that is commendable and satisfies all requirements dictated by the investors and probable future users.

Software Design Document

Summarize the design of the software into a comprehensive document that can quickly give a description of the software design and any other features.

Design Description

Produce a satisfactory summary of code level and top level design to find ways to strengthen the overall product.

Software Accomplishment Summary

Make a summary available that contains details on the completion of the software and all of the specifications and features it has available.

Software Configuration Index

We follow the SCI whenever there are a few configurations or modifications that needed to be applied to a source code or final program.

Version Description Document

Present a professional document that summarizes the specifications of the program while highlighting its version and what differences it may have with previous programs.

Source Code

Create a source code that is error free and of high quality to ensure that the whole program will run smoothly.